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Remote Social Media Executive

$699.00 / month

On-demand marketing freelancer for full-time work.


Introduction : is an on-demand marketplace to hire remote social media marketers. You can hire them for all your social media management tasks.

  • Professionals who want to work remotely post their availability, detailed profile, and skill set. 
  • You hire them as per your need. 
  • We assign an Account Manager for all your support and hand-holding.


Inclusions :

  • Responsible for managing all your social media.
  • A qualified and talented remote social media marketer.
  • Works full-time (160 hrs a month)
  • We hand-pick the best and suitable remote marketer within 3-5 days.


Why Hire Remote Marketers :

On-demand Remote Marketers at $699/month

No need to hire full time in-house employees. Hire remote workers on a plug-n-play model. All remote workers are verified & pre-screened strictly.

Save 90-95% of Your Human Resource Cost

Our remote workers are 90-95%% cheaper than the cost of a regular employee. You also save on recruitment fee, office infrastructure, etc.

Dedicated Account Manager

You get a dedicated account manager who manages everything for you (handpicking the right remote worker, on-boarding them, replacement, etc).


Getting Started :

  1. Click on Buy Subscription. Pay $699/month.
  2. We assign an Account Manager within 24 hrs for all your support & handholding.
  3. You Pay us, we pay them. Your money is secured as payment is released to the remote worker once you approve it.


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