Why are online ads important?

Online ads are important as they let the audience know why your product and services are better than the others. It creates a brand value that helps to find your target audience through it. And it creates an awareness of your product and services among the audience. It let them know about your company and why they should trust and invest in you.

Managing online advertising is not that easy. It includes a lot of tasks and regular monitoring.

List of tasks involved in managing an efficient ad campaign:-

  1. Market Research – Before starting a campaign, you should do market research, observe your competitors strategy and target your audience and try to understand their needs and ask yourself why they should come back to you.
  2. Create a budget – Then create a budget for your advertising campaign for a year and spend your money according to the projects and campaigns every month. Note down your expenses and recruitments accordingly.
  3. Setting goals and objectives – Make goals for each and every individual ad campaigns, focus more on your business to know what kind of campaign will include most of your product and services and search for effective keywords related to your business to reach your target audience accordingly.
  4. Creating campaign content and placing the ad – Create content in the form of photos, videos and blog articles. Then search for the platform which will generate traffic and create leads for your business and place the ad in between the blog articles on your website or run google ad, linkedin ad, facebook ad, etc.
  5. Monitor your campaign – Then start monitoring your ad campaign and evaluate its impressions after going live.

So should you delegate it to a team (in-house or freelancer)?

Definitely Yes.

Hiring a freelancer is a better option. Rather than setting up an in-house team to run and manage your online ads.

Why Freelancers ?

Online ads

You don’t have bandwidth and expertise to manage ad campaigns efficiently. Learning the hacks and doing it yourself is too time consuming. And still you will not be sure about ads performance.


Freelancers are experts in their fields, low cost and are available to you on a plug-n-play basis. You can hire the best freelancers from some of the professional freelance marketplaces like Marketic.io, Upwork, Crowdspring and Upstack, etc.

Benefits of hiring Freelancers :

  • Free up your time, delegate tasks to freelancers.
  • Save 90-95% of your human resource cost.
  • Freelancers are like your plug-n-play marketing team. 
  • Guaranteed high quality work delivered.
  • Save on recruitment fee


Therefore, it’s a wise decision to delegate online ads management tasks to freelancers. 

There is no point in putting your important time in managing ads.


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