What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing refers to the use of video to market or advertises your brand or product on different platforms.

In simple terms, when you use video to market your brand, product, or service, engage on social media channels, educate your prospective and current customers, and interact with them, you’re said to be using video marketing.

video marketing

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Increased Brand Awareness

Brand awareness and recognition mean your company is top-of-mind when a consumer has to make a purchase. Video marketing helps in brand recognition as videos stay longer in the mind and also customers remember more than words. 

Improved Customer Connection

Videos help your company improve its relationship with customers and build trust with potential clients. An average person can easily connect with people who speak to them directly. 


Compared to the black text against the white background, a video wins every time. Meanwhile, it’s psychologically tougher for the user to turn off the video than to stop reading text.

Videos evoke emotions online better than any other medium. You can use the tone of voice, music, and facial expressions to your advantage. This marketing tool can help humanize your brand.

Improved ROI

Shooting, editing, and producing videos has previously been a time-consuming and expensive venture that has seemed unattractive to many marketers. However, it’s now easier than ever before! With programs becoming more and more accessible, cheaper, and easier to use, people are finding themselves opening up to the idea of being both behind and in front of the camera.

In fact, 51 percent of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Increased Engagement

Not only customer testimonials or product reviews can help to build trust in your company, your brand. They can also help to boost engagement. Watching someone demonstrate how your product or service improved a company’s efficiency or solved their problem is so much more believable (and memorable) than just reading an article about it.

Types of Marketing Videos

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the most common type of marketing video. these videos explain what a company or product does and how it works. They’re likely the kind of video that comes to mind when you hear about branding videos or product videos.

Their complexity ranges from a quick introduction of the brand to more in-depth instructionals outlining how a product or service works. 

Brand Videos

Brand videos are like explainer videos without all the explanations. Well-established companies often use them to maintain their reputation. Their main objective is to present the brand in a positive light, so they often include customer testimonials and statistics highlighting the company’s success.

Social Media Stories

Different social media platforms have their own sections for user-generated videos, usually called “stories.” These are usually composed of brief live streams or quick messages to followers—ideal for periodically “checking in” with your online community.

Stories are more popular with younger markets and maybe out-of-character for more formal or serious brands.


in short, video + blog = vlog .These are regular videos about a specific theme; done in the same casual format as blogs, but in video format. Vlogs usually involve the daily experiences of a vlogger (video blogger). YouTubers who review a new game every week or travel bloggers who film their travel experiences are both common examples. Filmed podcasts can also be considered vlogs, as long as they offer more than just audio.

Vlogs are great for community building and traffic, as they keep people coming back again and again, and at predictable times no less. 

Product Videos

Product videos revolve solely around a singular product. Highlighting its features, explaining how it works, and building anticipation for its launch. These are similar to commercials, but they have the freedom to focus on one or two key aspects as opposed to giving a general overview.

For eCommerce, product videos are a must. 

Educational Videos

These are videos meant to educate an audience about some specific problems they are experiencing, or relevant topics they would be interested in. Educational videos will project your brand not only as a reliable source of information but as one that cares about their needs and concerns. These videos tackle important questions that your audience will find worthwhile and deliver useful information that provides value to the viewers.


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