In this blog, we discuss the best WordPress support & maintenance services. those services help you to reduce your time to maintain your website and help to secure your website from spam, a miscellaneous error, and hacks that harm your website. Also, the WordPress support & maintenance services perform tasks like a plugin, theme updates, security checks, and website backups. For beginners, these services help to reduce your work pressure and it will give you a great posture of WordPress services.

lets take our discussion forward to identifying how many WordPress Support & Maintenance Services available.


This is one of the effective and efficient WordPress supporting and maintenance services. which helps your website to maintain, secure, and up-to-date. plans are priced fairly they provide their services at just only $49/month.

WordPress Support & Maintenance Services. helps with:

  • Unlimited WordPress fixes
  • All WordPress, Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Scheduled Site Backups
  • Security Monitoring & Cleanup
  • Monthly Site Customization

2. WP Buffs

They offers you 24/7 support via email and live chat. their package gives you almost services in a reasonable price. also they provide additional plans for highly customization.

WordPress Support & Maintenance Services.

WP buffs helps with:

  • Daily cloud website backups.
  • Weekly WordPress plugin.
  • Theme updates.
  • Uptime monitoring.
  • A weekly report that gives an overview of how your website is doing.
  • Emergency support helps you to tackle crises such as hacks and malware.

3. GoDaddy WordPress premium support

This platform only offer WordPress support service and they don’t provide basic maintenance service task such as plugin & theme update. their monthly plans are based on number of credits and also unused credit are not forward to next month.

WordPress Support & Maintenance Services.

GoDaddy helps with:

  • Theme modification.
  • Database management.
  • Image optimization.
  • URL redirects.
  • Back-up your website.

4. WP Site Care

WP Site Care more focusing on maintenance task to perform cloud backup of your website every day and upgrade your WordPress plugin & theme. their services monitor activity on your website in real time and scan for security breaches. their plans are divide into two category basic plans and pro-plans. In basic plan they provide common services like daily cloud backup, manage core updates, manage plug and theme updates. on other side pro plans provide some additional security features, including priority support and cloud-proxy firewall. also their plans come with 30 days money back guarantee.

WordPress Support & Maintenance Services.

WP Site Care help with:

  • Provide backup.
  • Security check
  • Support

5. Maintainn

Maintainn is a WordPress support and maintenance company which provides a their customer weekly service reports and support via email & live chat. they offer three maintenance plan:

  • Standard: Offers daily website backups, weekly WordPress updates and WordPress support when you need it.
  • Professional: removes the website clean-up fee and increases website backups to twice a day. This plan also adds uptime monitoring, performance checks and support for eCommerce websites and WordPress multi-site. also assign a dedicated project manager who’ll help you to manage your website and give you a better level of support.
  • Enterprise: Customers get access to a collaboration environment, version changes and website staging, Website backups are performed four times a day under this plan too, and customers are encouraged to review websites changes in the staging environment before they go live.
WordPress Support & Maintenance Services.

Maintainn help with:

  • Support
  • WordPress updates
  • Security scans
  • Daily website backups.

6. Valet

Valet’s maintenance plan retails at $69 a month. This plan offers:

  • Incremental offsite daily website backups
  • Which are stored for 30 days
  • Cloud Flare CDN implementation
  • Updates of the WordPress core, and your WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Interestingly, Valet manually update plugins and themes.

Their maintenance plan also includes security scanning and uptime monitoring. also the provide three additional support and consultation packages.

WordPress Support & Maintenance Services.

7. WP Tech Support

They provide updates, security scanning, offsite website backup, performance enhancement and general WordPress support.

WP Tech support have four support plans:

  • Basic: one emergency fix, weekly website backups and 24-hour ticket support, Monday to Friday.
  • Standard: website backups are made daily and you get access to support at the weekend too. A website health check is also provided.
  • Pro: Unlimited emergency fixes are provided, This plan also includes WordPress theme updates, malware removal and 60 minutes of website improvement help.
  • Business: The most expensive plan is the business plan $68 a month, you’ll receive 90 minutes of website improvement, provision of an SSL certificate for your website, and SEO and performance optimization.
WordPress Support & Maintenance Services.

All plans include weekly reports, daily security scans, and weekly WordPress updates for WordPress plugins and the WordPress core.


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