Marketing automation is the process through which agencies or local businesses automate their marketing efforts through the use of software and technology. The aim is to streamline marketing efforts and get optimum results.

What is marketing automation used for?

Marketing automation increasingly being used to automate and streamline marketing processes. From email marketing and social media marketing to ad campaigns and push notifications. It also tracks and analyzes customers’ online behavior & buying patterns which are used to segment and deliver personalized emails or notifications.

Who should use marketing automation?

It helps your business to maximize efforts that have already proven successful. Attracting new customers through the use of effective marketing strategies. If you want to nurture those prospected customers so they become your permanent customers’ marketing automation is good.


Let us talk about a few features

Triggered Email (Real-Time)

Triggered email is the ability to listen for specific customer behaviors and events and respond with an appropriate real-time email. For example, when a prospect clicks on a specific link, a sales rep logs a call, or a lead score goes above a certain threshold, you can automatically send the right message at the right time.

Personalized, 1:1 emails based on real-time behavioral data can increase open rates. 

Event Marketing

From attracting attendees to registration administration to post-event follow up, the event management lifecycle can be laborious. Marketing automation helps streamline the entire event process, including personalized invitations, registration, reminders, and post-event follow-up. They can also provide analytics, so you know how many people have registered, how many attended, and so-on. 

Customer support

No one likes to wait. It provides a solution to this by offering a chatbot. Chatbots have revolutionized the way organizations used to communicate with customers. It saves time and gives better results. Because robots don’t get exhausted or irritated with never-ending queries. chatbots would assist the business objective in communicating with the customer, bringing in their information, and keeping a track of which products they’re most likely interested in. A simple AI-driven chatbot would fill the gap and improve the customer experience as well as satisfaction. 


Marketing automation allows you to filter your list based on user data, and then use that data to organize subscribers into smaller, more targeted groups. This allows you to take the data you’ve collected with tags and custom fields, and use it to shape the emails sent to your subscribers.

It has a variety of benefits, including – Higher open rates, more clicks, more revenue, better deliverability, lower spam complaints, lower unsubscribe rates, etc. The bottom line is, segmentation helps improve message relevancy. 

Landing Pages

Also known as a call to action page, a landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action. Landing pages help increase conversion rates through targeted promotion. Marketing automation provides a function to add a landing page to your website.

Advantages of marketing automation

  • Enhance customer experience

Marketing automation allows you to personalize your outreach by creating buyer’s personas and customizing sent emails.

They also allow you to track a customer’s sales journey in the organization.

  • Increasing customer retention

Its tools allow increasing customer retention by personalizing your customer outreach and enhancing customer experience.

  • Increased sales efficiency 

Spend time on the right lead, It allows you to choose the right lead and work on its conversion thus resulting in a proper target.

Lead segmentation and tracking activity, marketing automation helps in segmentation i.e. dividing the target market into further groups and focus them regularly.


Marketing automation can help eliminate the difference and bridge the gap between the sales and marketing teams.

It also makes it easy for you to collect and use customers’ data by creating a holistic picture of your lead and customer.


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