Shopify is the platform where you make your own online store and shop to sell your product and services. Shopify is the leading commerce platform for all sizes of business. also helps to make your product & services worldwide. They offer 14 days free trial after you can choose a package according to your preference.

To follow these steps which helps you to make your business store.

1. Sign up with Shopify:

  • Create an account. fill the required details like email-id and click on a free trial.
  • Chose a unique store name or Shopify will suggest you.
  • Enter a required detail like name, product type, country, mobile number, etc.

2. Setting up your store:

  • After sign up you have a admin screen where you have to setup your products.
  • Execute payment and shipping options.

3. Designing Theme and layout:

  • Chose a suitable theme according to your preference.
  • Shopify has its own theme store some are paid and some are free.
  • You can also hire a Shopify expert to fully customize your site.
  • In theme settings, you have to set up those functions Uploading logos, Uploading slides to a homepage carousel, Adding related item functionality to product pages, Choosing how many items appear on each line of the collection pages, Color schemes, Font choices.

4. Add product images on store:

  • Uploading the product images.
  • Write a description of the product.
  • Highlight unique feature of your product in description.

5. Chose payment gateway:

  • A payment gateway allows you to take a payment from your customer via your website.

6. Domain name:

  • To get your site live you need a domain name.
  • You can also purchase a domain from Shopify.
  • It will save your time to go through the other websites and purchase a domain name.

By follows these steps you have a fully working online store.




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