Infographic marketing involves using infographics to increase brand awareness. Infographics have become the favorite tool among marketers. It isn’t any wonder as they can be educational, entertaining, and great for engaging with the audience.

What is an infographic?

Infographics are essentially visual representations of data, presented in a format that is more engaging than usual written copy. Furthermore,  “a good infographic is worth a thousand words”.

Indeed, an infographic is a representation of information in a graphic format aimed to help make this information easily accessible and understandable. It can convey a story within a glance and provide information to its reader much quicker than a written document.

In simple words, infographics is a combination of images, charts, symbols and minimal text to give the overview of any topic. 


Using infographic for marketing    

Infographic marketing will help you in 

infographic marketing

More user engagement

Not everyone likes to read text-heavy blog posts and articles; some are visual learners and may prefer image content over text. Less text-based content on your website means better user engagement. The average user’s attention span is just eight seconds. A user can make a judgment about your website in less than two. An infographic could provide the visual intrigue your website needs to decrease the bounce rate. Infographics are pleasing to the eye and make a user want to stay on your page longer.

Educate your audience

According to the previously-cited Infographic World survey, infographics are the most effective medium for learning and retaining information. So the right marketing infographics can help you get your message across more effectively as well as educate your audience about your products, services, and industry.

Strengthen your social media presence

Infographics are interesting to share with your followers. Not only will this engage them, but it also makes them more likely to share your posts with their networks. This significantly boosts your reach and social media presence.

Drive high-quality traffic

infographics are designed to attract an audience so, some of the readers are bound to show an interest in your product or service after seeing your infographic. So they might decide to check out your site, thus boosting your traffic and getting more prospects into your sales funnel. In fact, infographics have been known to improve site traffic by 12%.

Elements of infographic marketing


The purpose of an infographic is to tell a story. Without a story/topic, an infographic is just a graphic. 


The most important component of an infographic is accurate data. Well, an infographic is like a report. You need to ensure your data is accurate and that means using credible sources.

As an organization, you may already have data to use, you just need to find it and sort it. Uncredited information is not only unethical but is untrustworthy to most readers.


The images and symbols included in infographics are the most important elements. This is why designing your infographic is so important. In infographic, the designer has to ensure that the images, layout, design, and text all work together to accomplish the goal of the infographic. And the ultimate goal of an infographic is to attract viewers. 


Fonts really do have an impact on your content readability. Therefore, you should identify what types of fonts are the best to be used in content and understand the reason behind it. With this, you will prevent your readers to stop reading your content. Instead, you will get more readers as well. People not only like your content, but they will also like the way you manage your content with good readability.

Graphs and Charts

Graphs and charts in an infographic are not your basic Excel bar graphs and pie charts. They are graphs and charts that display the data in a unique and creative way – this is where the designer will shine.

Rising demand for infographic marketing

As more businesses begin using the web to boost their marketing campaigns, differentiating content becomes increasingly important. Infographic marketing provides an opportunity for a company to present information in a dynamic, visual format that will stand out from the rest of its website and set it apart from competitors.

Content marketing continues to grow, and the creation of varying forms of content, including infographics, is becoming a marketing priority.


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