Freelancing for Beginner

Freelancing for beginner is quite simpler than many people think. One needs to know what service he/she is willing to offer as a freelancer and certain other things.

In today’s topic “Freelancing for beginner” we will see what all things a freelancer should keep in mind before starting off.

 1. Get the required devices and equipment :

Freelancing for Beginner

To work as a freelancer, you need to have a laptop/desktop, smartphone and a good internet connection. 

These devices are a must in freelancing. so before you think about working freelancer you have to get the required devices.


2. Identifying your skills:

Freelancing for Beginner

To work as a freelancer the second step is to identify the skill which you offer as a service and also you do well in those skills which you identify like: content writer, web developer, and many more.

3. Developing your skills :

Freelancing for Beginners

If you are not doing well with your skill-set. then you have to work on those skills by doing some course, diploma, or certified training that helps to enhance your service quality.

4.  Find the right freelance marketplace:

Freelancing for Beginner

Choose the right marketplace according to your preference. famous marketplaces like fiveer, Upwork are already had millions of freelancers from around the world. Due to the competition, they engage in bidding wars to win jobs.

choose a new freelance marketplace like that helps you to decrease the competition rate and increase your chances of landing jobs.

5.  Create a portfolio:

Create a portfolio in a freelance marketplace, which helps to showcase your work and experience to your client. For example: as a content writer you can add some of the blogs that you wrote earlier, as a work sample in your profile. 

Adding a work sample will let the prospective client see and evaluate your work. 

6. Fix the right price:

As a freelancer, your first priority is to build a connection with your client giving them your best service at a reasonable rate. Because if you charge high for your service client will never consider you for their projects.

Analyze the industry-standard rate or check out the rate other freelancers are charging then accordingly keep your service rate. Ideally lesser than the current standard rate.


Being a freelancer to follow these points will give you the best experience to be a gives you job flexibility and helps to develop your skills.


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