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As we know email marketing campaign is the most direct and effective way of connecting with your clients and generate leads. 

If we hire a freelancer to run email marketing campaigns there are lots of benefits we get by hiring a freelancer in comparison to regular employees.

So here are the benefits:

  • Get high effective work & pay according to your preference:
email marketing

In a freelance marketplace, you have a choice to identify the talented person for the projects which you offered according to your preferred cost.


  • No global hiring restriction:

There are no restrictions to hiring the best talent for your projects. Chose talented freelancers globally.

  • Money-saving:

No training, no recruitment, and no selection process cost, just go to the marketplace website( and hire.

  • Single person management:
email marketing

No manager, no team, and no supervisor who manage the project. There is only a single person who manage your entire project activity.

As an email marketing freelancer, he or she manage your entire  campaign activity like: convert your website visitor into clients, making a target clients list, boosting engagement, segmenting your clients, craft the subject lines of your emails, manage the email impression, monitor campaign data and many more.

List of the task involved in a successful email marketing campaign:

  • Identifying your email goal:

For which purpose you are run that email marketing campaign. Like, convey the information, getting the impression to generate the leads, selling or promoting the product and services, etc.

  • Chose an email marketing platform to run a campaign:

There are lots of email marketing platforms on the internet. that help you to manage, targeted emails, track performance metrics, design templates with a drag-and-drop interface, and incorporate social media ad campaigns. like: sender, sendinblue.

  • Create and segmenting email list:

Create a list of visitors who explore or visit your website.

After that segmenting those visitors by analyzing their queries and requirements. It will make it easy to target genuine leads.

  • Create an email:

Email divided into three parts.

  1. Header: means when someone receives that information they saw is called header.

Like: sender name, subject, pre-header.

  1. Body: the main part of the email is a body. So there is some point we have to focus on first and then we have to proceed to write a body of the email.
  • Focus on your client’s interests.
  • Don’t text-brief.
  • Include visuals(picture, infographics).
  • Good readability formate.
  • Keep your design consistent.

3. Footer: where you have to mention your contact details.

Like: website links, social media links, etc.

  • Enable Auto-responder:

This task automatically replies to your clients.

Like: welcome, thanks.


For small business owners/startup founders, it’s not possible to invest so much effort and time in sending email campaigns.

So it’s highly recommended to involve a freelancer to run their email campaigns.


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