infographic marketing

Infographic Marketing

Infographic marketing involves using infographics to increase brand awareness. Infographics have become the favorite tool among marketers. It isn’t any wonder as they can...
digital marketing for small businesses

How digital marketing helps small businesses

Digital Marketing for small businesses refers to the marketing activities of a company that are carried through electronic devices or the internet. Whether it...
lead generation for businesses

Lead generation for businesses

Lead generation for businesses is the process of attracting target traffic and converting that traffic into sales. Target traffic refers to a group of...

It is a Marketplace to hire talented and verified Freelance Marketers. They can hire on a “one-time” task basis or on a “monthly” basis.

Also, get a 'Supervisor' (free of cost) who ensures quality work is delivered by our Freelancers.

Full time Freelancers (160 hrs/month) : $499/month

Project Manager : $999/month

1. Browse and Buy Freelancer Services or Post Your Requirement.
2. We assign a 'Supervisor' (free of cost).
3. Collaborate with Freelancer & our Supervisor in “Virtual Workspace”.
4. Work approval and Payment release.


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