outsourcing web development

Outsourcing web development is good for your business.

Web development means making your presence on the internet. Building a website or web application in-house, businesses require a team of skilled professionals i.e....

It is a Marketplace to hire talented and verified Freelance Marketers. They can hire on a “one-time” task basis or on a “monthly” basis.

Also, get a 'Supervisor' (free of cost) who ensures quality work is delivered by our Freelancers.

Full time Freelancers (160 hrs/month) : $499/month

Project Manager : $999/month

1. Browse and Buy Freelancer Services or Post Your Requirement.
2. We assign a 'Supervisor' (free of cost).
3. Collaborate with Freelancer & our Supervisor in “Virtual Workspace”.
4. Work approval and Payment release.


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