before starting freelancing

Freelancing for beginners

There are a few things that beginners must know before starting freelancing. For many people freelancing, represents the final achievement of career progression. Freelancing provides...
marketplace for freelancers Perfect marketplace for freelancers

Many of us might don’t familiar with the term marketplace or marketplace for freelancers. So before we talk about our main topic let us...

Freelancing: Emerging as a new career option in India

Gone are the days when everyone wants a government job or a job in a Multinational organization. Freelancing is a hot topic and emerging...

Freelancer Vs Employee: What should a company focus

Freelancer or employee? For many small businesses, there comes a time when they need an extra set of hands but may not be in...

It is a Marketplace to hire talented and verified Freelance Marketers. They can hire on a “one-time” task basis or on a “monthly” basis.

Also, get a 'Supervisor' (free of cost) who ensures quality work is delivered by our Freelancers.

Full time Freelancers (160 hrs/month) : $499/month

Project Manager : $999/month

1. Browse and Buy Freelancer Services or Post Your Requirement.
2. We assign a 'Supervisor' (free of cost).
3. Collaborate with Freelancer & our Supervisor in “Virtual Workspace”.
4. Work approval and Payment release.


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