As the use of the internet and technology increases, freelancing becomes a popular career choice for everyone. Freelance work has made freelance writing jobs more reachable and flexible with a healthier lifestyle. If you want to find freelance writing jobs online, then here are some of the ways by which you can find some:-

1. Start Cold Pitching

By cold pitching, you get to pitch your target audience about your work. First, locate your business then start cold pitching. Businesses are trying to grow their presence online and then try to convince them with your writing skills. Pitch to clients, make a list of clients with their information and once it’s done, you will receive some replies through it. Let them know about you, about your work, skills you are having, and how you can be useful to grow their business.

freelance writing jobs

2. Join Facebook Groups

Joining a Facebook group will increase your reach globally 2x times. There are many posts related to online writing jobs, which you can explore, try to engage with some related groups. Building relationships takes time but once it’s done, then potential gigs are generated through it. Being active in the group will also help you to grab the attention of the audience and get referrals through it.

freelance writing jobs

3. LinkedIn Jobs

Making a profile on a professional platform like LinkedIn will help you more. Connect with your target audience, search for hashtags and posts. Joining relevant groups will increase your reach globally as well as internationally as there are many gig workers and freelance content writers on LinkedIn. You can directly connect with the company’s HR or clients you want to work with or DM them your resume. Social media platforms play an important role in reaching your goals.


4. Use your Website

Making your website will showcase your talent more as it will show your talent in detail. A professional-looking website is the best way to attract traffic and get the attention of the clients. To get higher pay, you can put blogs on your website to grab the attention of the clients you want to work with. Through your website, you can inform the clients about your writing services that you will be providing them.

freelance writing jobs

5. Register Yourself on a Freelance Marketplace

By registering yourself in a freelance marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork,, flexjobs, and so on, you can get a gig easily. Registering as a freelancer on a freelance website, you will have more control over the type of work you do. You will be deciding the projects and clients to take on according to your requirements.

6. Pitch to a Job Board Ad

For quality and consistent online writing jobs, many freelance content writers pitch to job board ads. Jobs posted on a job board are of many types starting from small companies, self-employed individuals to start-ups. You can pitch to these job boards for freelance writing jobs. Some job boards are paid, while some are free. If you are a beginner freelance writer then first go for the free one. The names of some job boards are Problogger, Blogging Pro, All freelance writing job board, etc.

7. Network with other freelance writers

Try to increase your network and connect with your domain people. Connect with other freelance writers so that you can grow and explore more. Sometimes, you also find referrals through them, so it’s very important to get engaged with the people in your field.

freelance writing jobs

8. Pitch to sites that pay writers

Research well and then look for the sites that pay the freelance content writers. You can get paid for a guest post, but getting paid for a guest post can be a little challenging. You have to build a proper portfolio for that while pitching them. To get started, you can start with Pinterest or you can go to google and directly search.

9. Try Craigslist

In Craigslist, you can search for gigs and clients of a particular region, area, or country. You can search for clients internationally like in Canada, LA, Boston, etc. Clients in these big cities will offer you higher pay, so you can pitch them to get started.

10. Follow tweets from job boards

    Social media plays a very important role in finding gigs and writing jobs online. So, follow tweets from job boards help you find freelance writing jobs and also connect you with potential clients.   

freelance writing jobs

By engaging yourself on social media, joining groups there, increasing your network with the same domain people. Use a freelance writer directory, making your website reach out to the target audience. Pitching to the job board ads and to the sites that pay freelance writers helps you to grow a lot in your career.


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