Help: Marketer Profile Setup

Go to Store Settings: Storefront (Freelance Marketer Dashboard)

Storefront (Freelance Marketer Dashboard)

1. Store Cover Picture: Upload a pic which is relevant to your services
2. Store Logo: Upload your good quality passport photo
3. Store Name: Enter your name

Store Cover Picture

4. Store URL:
5. Store description: It is Freelance Marketer profile description. Enter your brief intro, your skills and educational qualification, your Availability and mode of communication and other info.
My Brief Into: max 3 lines intro (200 characters), last line should be about your current living city with country name
My Skills: your top 3 skills (in bullet form)
My Education qualification: 2 lines only (120 characters)
Other Info: Max 4 lines (max 300 characters)


My Brief Intro: I am a Digital marketing professional, 5 yrs exp and expert in managing online ads in different platforms like Google Ads, facebook ads, Twitter ads, etc.

I live in Delhi, India.

My Skills: I have good expertise in –

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing

My Educational Qualification: I have a Bachelor of Computer Science from New Delhi University.

My Availability and Mode of Communication: I am always available and give instant responses between 9 am to 8 pm, IST, Mon-Fri. All communications with me should be done via Marketic Collaborative Workspace (A “Workspace” provided by where Customer, Marketic Account Manager and the Freelancer can chat/communicate/collaborate/share files etc.)

Other Info: I will be mostly online and try to respond to your queries on an immediate basis.

6. Enter your phone, email and address and working timezone.

7. Enter your social profile public urls.

After Marketer profile setup, let jump to the add product or services process.

To add product or services, kindly follow the below process described in below image.

1. Go to Product Manager >> Add Product

2. Click on “Create a new product”

3. Product Title: Its a service offering title. Enter one line service offering (max 40 characters).

Ex: ActiveCampaign Monthly Support Services

4.Product short description : very short desc of your service offering, maximum 2 lines (120 characters)

Ex: I will provide Managed Services for Marketing Automation. Get Marketing Automation deployed effectively for your Business.

5. Click to Upload image : Upload a image related to product or services

6. Product Long Description : This is the most important section to describe. Its a long description of your service offerings. It should contain 3-4 para.It should contain “My Service offering, Inclusions, Exclusions, What You get and Other Info. There is no limit on characters, but it should not be long enough where customers miss out the important points, and it should not be short enough where full information is not provided.


My Service Offering:
Marketing Automation is somewhat a complex product. Its deployment needs a lot of guidance and support from experts. So I am providing a “Managed Services for Marketing Automation” where I ensure successful deployment of Marketing Automation to get the results. I work with you to manage your marketing automation system to move leads through the sales funnel and qualify them for your sales team.

Lead Collection Setup
✓ Landing Page development
✓ Conversion form development (web-forms and pop-ups)
✓ Set rules to auto-add Tags, auto-send to Segment
✓ Lists, Push data to CRM, etc.
✓ Email Marketing template design and Email Marketing.

Automated Lead Nurturing Setup
✓ Setting up Automated Email Series
✓ Predictive Sending setup
✓ Lead Scoring / Staging setup
✓ Lead status integration with CRM
✓ Setting up Email /SMS /Web Push notifications based on repeat visitor behavior on the website.
✓ Sales team notifications setup

Sales Automation Setup
✓ Win Probability setup
✓ Conversations setup
✓ Attributions

Email newsletter campaigns management
CRM setup
Anything which is not mentioned in Inclusion list.

What You Get :

You get marketing automation deployed successfully, end-to-end
With successful deployment, you get more leads. Since leads are nurtured automatically, finally you get more sales.

7. Product Type : Choose simple product or simple subscription

8. Fill-up your product or service prices :

If choose simple product than fill-up regular price and sales price (optional).

If choose simple subscription product type than fillup below fields

Subscription price – fill-up your product or service price
Expire after – never
Signup fee – leave blank
Free trial – 0 days
Sale price – leave blank

Inventory – leave as it is
Linked Products – leave as it is
Attributes – leave as it is
Advance – leave as it is (ensure Limit Subscription option is set to “Do Not Limit”).

9. Product categories and Tags : choose relevant category and tags for your product or service.

10. Publish your product or service : After fill-up all above product and service details, the final step is to publish your product or service on Once you publish your product or service than admin can review and approve your product or service to publish in