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All Your Benefits in One Place

Regular Flow of Income

You have the option to offer Marketing Services which are on a “One-time payment” plan or “Recurring Plan (monthly / quarterly / yearly)”. This ensures your regular flow of income.

Your Freedom, Time and Work

You sell what you like to do. You deliver work on your time schedule. You are free to work as per your style.

Earn upto $3000/month

Each Basic Marketer can add upto 10 customers (can earn upto $1000/month sales). Pro Marketers can add upto 30 customers (can earn upto $3000/month sales). This ensures that you are not overloaded with work and you always have sufficient time to deliver quality work to customers.

Getting Started as Freelancers

Step 1 : Sign Up on as a Freelancer


Step 2 : Create Your Complete Profile

  • Personal details* (must upload your profile photo)
  • Experience and education*
  • Projects*
  • Awards and Certifications
  • Profile Videos
  • Specialization*
  • Industrial experience*
  • Social Profile*


Step 3 : Add and Publish your Services

Manage Services -> Post Services
It is recommended to create minimum 2-3 services.
  • Service Title :
Ex : I will manage your Google Ads, end-to-end
Ex : I will create all your social media accounts
  • Select Service delivery
Enter how many days you need to deliver your service.
  • Service Price
Suggested pricing : $9, $49, $99, $199, $499
How much you want to charge?
Pro tips : Break your services into smaller service items and price it low. For example instead of creating 1 service like I will write 20 articles at $199, write I will write 5 articles for $49.
  • Service Category
Choose relevant service categories.
  • Service Response time
Choose how quick you will respond to client queries.
  • English Level
Enter Professional
  • Service details
Enter a full description of your services. Format should be like –
Pro tips : Use this template to describe your Service desc –
  • Upload Image
Upload 1 high quality banner image
  • Location
Enter your present residing country name


Step 4 : Account Settings and Payout Settings

Enter your billing address and Payout settings.


Step 5 : Join our Telegram Group

Join our telegram group and keep yourself updated with the Marketic freelancer policies.
Group name : Freelancers Group
Joining Link :
For any query, write to us at – or raise support request at our support center –

Pro Tips For Freelancers

1. Add a professional photo in your profile.
2. Create multiple services (2-5 services) with a smaller price tag ($9, $49, $99).
3. For large priced services ($199 or higher), offer too-much value. Make it immense value for money for customers to buy this.
4. Use clever headlines for your Service.

5. Put a full service description (introduction, inclusions, exclusions, pricing, etc)  in your service detail.

6. Respond to customer’s queries quickly/instantly (within 10-20 mins).
7. Deliver top notch service and ensure work is completed professionally.


Most frequent questions and answers

What differentiates :

  • We are the only Freelance Marketplace which allows sincere & talented freelancers like you to sell services on a “recurring basis” (i.e. monthly/quarterly/yearly). This ensures that you get regular and predictable flow of income.
  • Further we have put a cap on the number of customers a Marketer can serve. This ensures that every Marketer here gets work and makes a living.
  • We are focussed only on “Digital Marketing Services”. We are not selling anything to everything. This ensures we get highly interested and serious customers.
It’s free. We don’t charge anything from Freelancer to register and publish their services on our platform.
You keep 80% of each transaction. accredits Marketers on 1st of every month an amount which is the cumulative total of all last month orders which are successfully delivered and approved by the customer. Money is transferred to your bank account or to your Paypal account.
You should take this as a serious full time job. You can decide for yourself what amount of work you want to do to ensure quality work delivered.
Any Digital Marketing Services. We have 10+ categories to choose from. It covers the entire range of Digital Marketing Services.

You can offer your Services on a “one-time” basis (Ex : I will set up all your Social media accounts at $99) or “monthly” basis (Ex : I will manage your social media reputation at $99/month). You can sell your Services on a “Quarterly” or “Yearly” basis.
Minimum you should price at $99 (one time or monthly). The suggestive rage is between $99 to $499 (one time or monthly plans).
The moment a client buys your Service, you will be allocated a “virtual workspace”. Their Client and Marketic Support Member will also be joined. This will serve as a “dedicated environment”, where you can chat, share files, and communicate with the Client & Marketic Support Member. You must remember that you cannot contact your client outside this workspace. Any such attempt will lead to disqualification.

If Client tries to approach you through another medium, then you must tell him/her that you are not authorized to communicate in any medium other than Marketic Workspace.
We have a dedicated Dispute Resolution Team to help you. You need to raise a ticket through our Support center.
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