What is Marketic.io

( Better than Upwork/Fiverr )

Managed Freelance Marketplace

We are the World’s first and only Managed Freelance Marketplace. You get an Account Manager who manages everything for you

What is for Me (Customer)

You save 90-95% of your HR costs by hiring our “Remote Marketers” ($499/month) or buying “Freelance Marketing Services” (starting $1)

Better than Upwork/Fiverr

We offer a dedicated Account Manager, our prices are very low and your payment is protected. We ensure the best experience ever

Getting Started

Option 1 : Get Your Tasks Done (Buy Freelance Services)

Buy pre-packaged Marketing/IT services

Buy Freelance Services

We assign a ‘Supervisor’ (free of cost) who ensures quality work is delivered.

Collaborate with Freelancer

We offer “Virtual Workspace” where you chat/send files/collaborate with Freelancer.

Freelancer delivers the work.

Approve Payment to the Freelancer.
Hire Remote Marketers

Option 2 : Hire Full-time Remote Marketers

For all your Marketing/Sales/IT tasks. Engage them just like your in-house employees

Hire Remote Marketers

Post payment, our Account Manager will discuss with you and assign the remote marketers within 3-5 days.

You Pay us, we pay them.

Your money is secured as payment is released to the remote marketers once you approve it.

Get an Account Manager

For all your support & hand holding.

Submit Your Custom Requirement